An online planning & ordering solution enabling large FOOD BUYERS to source locally with lower costs, reduced waste and increased profits.

WHAT WE DO complements a large buyer’s existing IT ordering portal and brings more transparency, collaboration & efficiency to food value chains everywhere enabling both waste reduction and simplified local sourcing.

Food retailers, foodservice companies and group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) are utilizing us today to democratize their value chains unleashing massive ROI and true sustainability.

Our turnkey, incremental approach is implemented at any distributor – vertically integrated, broadliner, independent or food hub - resulting in win-win-win benefits for all.

  • One-price for entire season
  • Convenience – 1 order / delivery / invoice
  • Access to more local varieties
  • Real-time reports & displays

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Ease of implementation
  • Increase net profits by up to 50% via waste reduction

Farmers / Food Hub / Coop:
  • Predictability to “grow for a market”
  • Less waste / higher profits
  • Higher inventory turns at distributor ensures freshness


An Azotian will contact you within 48 hrs to begin launching in your locale. We've witnessed food value chains launch within 2 weeks!

Farmers / Food Hubs

  • Address

    1275 Kinnear Road, Suite 217
    Columbus, OH 43212
  • Email
  • Phone

    844-401-FARM (3276)