A web-based supply chain mgt solution facilitating direct relationships between
food producers and buyers while enhancing existing
distributor networks and IT systems.


Only 33% of consumers believe in the safety and quality of the food they eat.[1]

In order to regain that trust and thrive in the 21st century, it’s imperative for food buyers and their suppliers to not only say the words but also implement transparent, collaborative solutions to make sustainable food sourcing profitable.


Transparent Relationships

build trust between all value chain members enabling greater efficiencies and more profits.

Direct-to-Farm Sourcing

is a more effective way to partner with farmers of any size to drive down prices and increase quality while still utilizing existing distributor relationships.

Accurate Sustainability Data

needs to be tracked from the source and easily promoted to all stakeholders especially consumers.


Food Buyers drive change.

Distributors and Producers implement it.

Azoti makes it turnkey and win-win for all.



Demand Plan
Open collaboration with producers and local distributors at a detailed level ensures food safety compliance & lower costs.

Demand Plans

New supply chain collaborations require a central document with “harmonized data” so everyone can negotiate terms, plan with confidence & be accountable throughout the year.

Food buyers can remotely conduct Demand Planning by the month or week with hundreds of producers & dozens of distributors then have all members easily export an XLS with demand plans specific to them.

Detailed Producer Info
When planning & ordering, your team will have visibility to detailed producer info.

Detailed Producer Info

Everyone wants to know in real-time who, what, where, when, how and even why their food is produced. Now, your chefs can see it all when ordering; thus enabling everyone else to access to their activities.


Virtual Vertical Integration
Own nothing but gain the benefits of vertical integration, i.e. just-in-time ordering & lower costs!

Best Possible Prices
Negotiating openly with producers AND your distributors on a portion of total volume yields lower prices & overage opportunities.


Sustainability Initiatives
Get the detailed level of data you need, when you need it.

Accurate Sustainability Data

When Procurement, FSD’s and chefs plan and order using this level of detailed data, then everyone can access and analyze it at any time.

Impactful Storytelling
Your staff can instantly access producer stories for on-site display.

Impactful Storytelling

Your patrons NEED to know all the work you’ve done for them. Azoti has experts on staff who can help with on-site promotions and external PR.



Small Producer Partnerships
Make possible & ease the burden of “high touch” relationships with emerging brands and local producers.

Demand Plan
Part of “high touch” is ensuring your partners know what you need and you know what they can do; certainty reduces costs.

Demand Plans

Smaller organizations require even more visibility and certainty in order to maximize profits then scale quickly to meet your demand.

Food buyers can remotely conduct Demand Planning at a detailed level by the month or week with hundreds of producers then have everyone easily export an XLS with finalized demand plans specific to them.


Consolidate Producers or DSD
New partnerships especially with emerging brands require logistics flexibility for success.

Win-Win Pricing
Open, continuous collaboration with producers dramatically reduces costs for all.


Sustainability Data
Consumers want to know it all - producer practices, distance, time-from-harvest, food safety certifications.

Accurate Sustainability Data (Retailers)

When Procurement and/or On-site Managers plan and order using this level of detailed data, then everyone else will be able to access and analyze it at any time.

Tell the World
Make it easy for anyone anywhere to know what you’re doing to make a difference.

Tell the World

You’ve done all the hard work. Now it’s time to tell the world how you’re changing it for the better. Azoti has experts on staff who can help with on-site promotions and external PR.


The word, Azoti (ah zoe tee), comes the from the Italian word meaning 'nitrogen.' Nitrogen is the most abundant element on Earth and essential for the growth and sustenance of all living things.

Similarly, Azoti’s mission is to optimize the health of individuals, their communities, and the Earth by making local food sourcing and food waste reduction a reality for large food buyers and their value chains.

Over the past two decades, the AZOTI TEAM has implemented eCommerce & supply chain solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across multiple industries with great success. In 2012, we launched a combination of turnkey services & cutting-edge software in order for large food buyers to source truly local food in a more transparent, collaborative, and mutually beneficial way.


An Azotian will contact you within 48 hrs to begin launching in your locale. We've witnessed food value chains launch within 2 weeks!

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