A Planning & Just-In-Time Ordering Solution Enabling Commercial Food Buyers
to Reduce Waste by Efficiently Sourcing from Hyper-Local Farms


Azoti.com brings more transparency, collaboration & efficiency to food value chains everywhere enabling both waste reduction and simplified hyper-local sourcing (< 150 miles).

Food retailers with vertically integrated value chains, foodservice with independent wholesalers or group purchasing organizations (GPO’s) seeking ways to enhance memberships and reduce costs.

Our turnkey, incremental approach is implemented at any distributor resulting in a win-win-win benefits for all value chain members.

  • One-price for entire season
  • Convenience – 1 order/delivery/invoice
  • Access to more local varieties
  • Real-time reports & displays

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Ease of implementation
  • Increase net profits by up to 50% via waste reduction

Farmers / Food Hub / Coop:
  • Predictability to “grow for a market”
  • Less waste / higher profits
  • Higher inventory turns at distributor ensures freshness


The word, Azoti (ah zoe tee), comes the from the Italian word meaning 'nitrogen.'
As nitrogen accelerates plant growth, that’s what we do for hyper-local farmers everywhere.


Over the past 2 decades, the Azoti team has implemented eCommerce & supply chain solutions for Fortune 1000 companies across multiple industries along with running a food hub ourselves since 2012 in Columbus, OH.

Now, we are bringing a combination of services & software to the food value chain so commercial food buyers can source truly local food in a transparent and mutually beneficial way.


The Azoti.com 4-Step Process -
Launch anywhere within 2-4 weeks!

1) Determine Your Local Farm Partners

Are there qualified Local Farmers or a Food Hub/Coop in your area?

2) Decide What, How Much & When

Farmers ultimate wish is to grow for a known market with trusted partners. Azoti.com Demand Planning builds trust by enabling customers and farmers to communicate their expectations and capabilities at any time.

If farmers know what & how much customers want when, they’re willing to comply with any food safety protocol, offer 1-price for the season and grow unique products just for you!

Automatically compare customers’ usage reports vs local availability, document commitments and disseminate plans to all value chain members throughout year; thus ending the messy task of managing dozens of spreadsheets!

3) Launch Transparent & Efficient Ordering

Transparency and efficiency go to the next level with Azoti.com Dual Sourced Just-in-Time Ordering.

Customers now see more details than ever before and product availability within a distributor's warehouse AND “in-the-field” at the farm. “In-the-field" product means it won’t be picked until the order is placed first; thus reducing labor costs for suppliers. This process also guarantees freshness and opens up truly unique product varieties grown in small quantities, which aren't normally warehoused by distributors.

Plus, any commitments made to the farmers can now be tracked as customers place orders. Azoti.com can even pre-fill order quantities based on demand plans for 3-click desktop or mobile ordering. Customers will never miss an order again!

4) Promote to the World – Local Food 2.0

All this effort needs to be promoted to your patrons and the world. Generate real-time report and promotional items with ease.

Send order data to any system and even social media sites letting your community know you’re truly making local food happen and not another case of “farm to fable.”


Submit your information and an Azotian will contact you within the next 48 hrs to begin launching in your locale. We've witnessed food value chains launch within 2 weeks!

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