Become more Customer-Centric & Profitable with End-to-End Transparency, Affordable Local Sourcing & Just-in-Time Efficiency without Additional Work or Replacing IT

Our Mission

Going local will continue to be the primary trend driving your fresh and specialty food business for the foreseeable future.

Achieving local is a journey that requires a cultural shift in how you engage with suppliers and customers by being more proactive, transparent and collaborative. These words need to be more than a press release or marketing spin.

We know how to make your local initiative profitable and optimize this opportunity for everyone involved from farm to fork.


We are an application development and solutions implementation company that specializes in Fresh, Specialty and Local Food Initiatives.


Our application provides an easy to use interface to facilitate transactions between farmers, distributors and buyers. We keep all constituents in sync throughout the year regarding production planning, scheduling, availability, pricing and special opportunities.


Our application provides a user friendly data repository for all transactions associated with your fresh, specialty and local initiatives, including product catalogues and farmer profiles. We synthesize the data to produce reports and materials for every department in your organization including procurement, logistics, marketing and merchandising.


Most enterprise software used today is costly, difficult to install and difficult to modify. Azoti is built to be modular and agile. Our platform can serve as a stand alone solution or easily integrate into your existing platforms without replacing your current systems.


We can handle every aspect of implementation depending on your organizations requirements. Our services range from just integrating our application, to having full accountability for developing and manifesting a complete “go local” solution from farm to fork, with operational accountability.

Transparent ordering enables you to choose “what local means” then see farm details instantly.


‘Azoti’ (ah zoe tee) is the Italian word for 'nitrogen' - the most abundant element on Earth. Nitrogen is essential for the growth and sustenance of all living things.

Azoti operated as a Food Hub for 5 years prior to becoming a solutions company. We have experienced and understand the challenges of going local.

Our team has implemented eCommerce & supply chain solutions for Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries.


We will respond within 48 hours.
We’ve witnessed value chains launch in as little as 2 weeks.

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