An eProcurement & Customer Engagement SaaS solution for food buyers and their suppliers to:

  • Achieve greater end-to-end efficiency and transparency
  • Source more local products safely and affordably
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention

All of this is done without replacing IT systems!

What We Do

Azoti equips Food Buyers with the value chain expertise and tools to increase customer loyalty & revenue, empower procurement depts & chefs, source safe and affordable local products, and decrease costs through waste reduction and automation.

Our modular suite of software tools is built on a flexible, interoperable architecture that allows our clients to witness blockchain automation firsthand without having to choose a framework now.

We do this with no additional workload for our clients and without replacing IT systems.

Why We Do It

Why We Do It

Today’s consumers crave a deeper, more trustworthy connection with their food. Conscious consumers will pledge loyalty to transparent vendors with robust local programs. These consumers are willing to pay more, visit more and promote their favorite brands to others.

When you factor in that the food industry has to react constantly to Mother Nature and perishability while running on outdated, fragmented IT systems without standardized data, it’s no surprise the food industry has such low margins and wastes up to 30% of the food produced.

Add to that, a workforce that is underpaid, overworked and has levels of addiction, depression and suicide approaching that of US military veterans.

While these challenges may seem overwhelming, Azoti has found a better way for food buyers to enhance supplier relationships and share product data with all, including the end consumer.

How We Do It

To successfully implement the Azoti solution across your entire value chain, we initially focus on enhancing your “Go Local” program.

We’ve found that small & mid-sized local suppliers are more adaptable as long as incentives are fully aligned. By catalyzing your local program to create more customer loyalty, we generate ROI immediately while also testing various Azoti.com modules including a patented, blockchain-enabled smart contract and proof of delivery (POD) solution.

With a thriving local program in place and validation of blockchain use cases, you’ll now have more confidence and evidence to engage and collaborate with large suppliers and even competitors (gasp!).

Immediate ROI while Positioning You for the Future

Prove Value With Hyperlocal Programs First

For management, we generate immediate ROI, lower risks and increase confidence for looming impactful decisions by providing empirical evidence of success and more options when partnering with larger suppliers to navigate a highly competitive and technologically uncertain future.

Prepares You For Major Decisions

Choose Blockchain Collaboration Type

Public Blockchain vs. Consortium vs. Private?

Standardize Value Chain Data

BiTA Compliance vs. Proprietary Standards?

Pick Your Blockchain Framework

Saavi.io/Ethereum vs. Hyperledger/IBM vs. Kaleido/Amazon?

Optimizing Any Food Value Chain Requires

Safe & Affordable Sourcing

Continuously collaborate with producers for reliable relationships and the best prices

Staff Engagement & Compliance

Our ordering portal provides data rich product & producer info along with “quick click” rule-based options

Customer/Guest Engagement

Easily communicate your suppliers’ stories to increase loyalty & revenue

Cost Lowering Efficiencies

Add “just-in-time” solutions throughout your value chain to reduce waste and costs

Easy Implementation & Integration

Leverage our modular, interoperable platform to fit your needs now and in the future

How Much

Once we partner, a food buyer will direct us to implement within a specific market defined as the contracted distributor’s service area.

Once we understand the needs of ALL the value chain members within that market, we’ll then decide which Azoti Solution Package to implement for each operator location.

Pricing is based the # of markets implemented, operators within the market and products listed.

Consumer Engagement Package
The baseline package, which includes:
  • End-To-End Value Chain Consulting: Enables on-site implementation to remote on-going support.
  • Attribute-Rich Data Structures & Flexible API: Track detailed product data, producer stories, labor practices and more, then interface with any IT system.
  • Promotions Management: Generate on-site marketing materials & digital signage in real-time.
Enhanced Hyperlocal Relationships Package
All of the above, plus:
  • Demand Planning: Forecast with producers throughout the year.
Operator Empowerment & Compliance Package
All of the above (demand planning optional), plus:
  • Pull/Push Ordering Portal with Rules Engine: Optimize profits by minimizing end-to-end waste.
End-To-End Cost & Waste Reduction Package
All of the above (demand planning optional), plus:
  • Patented, Blockchain-Enabled Smart Contract & Proof of Delivery: Automate operations and reduce costs throughout the entire value chain.

Who We Are

‘Azoti’ (ah zoe tee) is derived from the Italian word for 'nitrogen' - the most abundant element on Earth essential for the sustenance of all living things and an accelerant for plant growth.

Our team brings diverse food value chain knowledge combined with experience outside the food industry implementing customer-centric Internet solutions at F500 companies.

In order to fully understand this industry’s challenges and prior to becoming a solutions company, we first operated as a Food Hub for 5 years working within distributors’ warehouses then partnering with different types of small & mid-sized local producers to sell their food to retailers, foodservice and directly to consumers.

All these experiences uniquely position Azoti to customize solutions making life on the food value chain easier and more profitable so we can please consumers together.


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